Blincom will take place 10 (Saturday) and 11 (Sunday) of December 2016 in Saint-Petersburg. At 9 of December we will organize sightseeing tour around the City, game play and evening party with talks, tabletop games and music. We recommend you to arrive on Thursday, 8 of December and leave home at Monday, 12.
International airport Pulkovo (LED) accepts a lot of international flights from many European countries every day. You can take a look on that on the airport website.

You can come to the city from airport by city bus #39 for 0,5 Euro per person and 15 minutes to the nearest subway station. This bus accepts PayPass / PayWave (don't expect other buses to accept it). You can also use PayPass / PayWave to enter subway stations. For other public transporation, prepare Russian cash or buy special card ("podorozhnik") at subway station.

You can also use Uber to rent a taxi. UberX is cheap enough (like 5 euros across half city, 2 euros for short distances), and has fixed rates from/to airport (up to 15 euros to Blincom site). Please take into account that most of drivers even don't understand English (but you don't need talk to them, just type in your destination). Never use random (even "official") taxi from/to airport, that can be very expensive.

For flights we recommend you to look on some discounters like AirBaltic. You can also arrive to Helsinki or Tallinn and travel to St Petersburg by bus Lux Express (cheap and comfy solution) or high-speed train Allegro.
Visa support
Visa support is provided by Star Travel DMC (operates since 1989 to support foreign tourists in Russia).

To get visa support, you need:
  • Define dates of your presence in Russia
  • Select Blincom ticket and type of accommodation
  • Pay for ticket and accommodation
  • Book your flight
  • Inform us about your arrival and apply scan of your passport. We will provide you a letter for embassy which needs to be applied to visa document pack.

You can find nearest consulate here. Each consulate web-site contains information about visa applications. Or you can fill visa application in electronic form on this website.

Please note that filling this form is just a first step to receive Russian visa. Usually there is no problems for European tourists to have a Russian visa.

Important: Purpose of visit must be tourism. Please write it in application form and say that to visa officer if he ask when you will submit documents in Visa center.

Then wait for your visa and arrive to Blincom!
Standard ticket includes two days of Blincom. Standard+ includes Blincom t-shirt. Premium gives you access to the lounge for organizers, speakers, fighters and musicians, sitting place on the tribune in the concert and fencing hall with waiter service, personalised badge with full name and picture.

City tour is on us!
With a ticket you also receive a discount at LDM hotel. This hotel is very cheap and simple but located in the same building where Blincom will be held. Each room has a toilet and a shower.
We'll be happy to answer all your questions on Facebook or by email.
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